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We Don’t “List” homes We SELL Homes

What we do different

Any realtor can list your home but if it’s not priced and staged properly you’re setting yourself up for failure. Many of the homes that we sell have been listed previously by other realtors. Call 248-234-4277 to schedule an in-home consultation where we can provide you with a clear cut plan on how to sell your home. We can discuss the following important factors:


Gone are the days of pricing high to allow for negotiation. We are strong believers that if you’re home is not priced perfectly from the start, it will go stale and you’ll end up selling it for less than it’s worth.


We will provide you with an honest assessment of what your home will need to get the most money from it. Don’t be surprised if we start moving furniture or send in a cleaning crew, we do what it takes to sell your home.


We only use the best photographers and videographers because we want to show your home in the best possible light. Your home listing needs to set the stage and tell a story. 96% of home buyers find their home online so your listing needs to be shown perfectly to online buyers

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